Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some Older Work

Collage/Mixed Media, Detail of  "Four Keyboards" 2009

"Cow" India Ink 20"x36" 2008-2009

"Tahoe Web" Colored Pencil, 11"x14" 2009

India Ink 15"x20" 2009

India Ink 15"x20" 2009

India Ink 15"x20" 2009

House Paint 18"x24", Detail "May Drips Series" 2009

Collage, Detail from "Four Keyboards" 2009

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Reverberations of sound and thought. 
Movement and moment. 

A project focusing on the moment of working on a drawing as the art, rather than the finished product. The sounds and ideas that are generated through drawing weird, appealing(at least to me), abstract lines. Instead of trying to create something i'd like in the end, I wanted to create something that can only exist in the documentation and moments of its' creation. A whole bunch of other ideas inserted here. 

I misspelled "correlate" in the video, and it drives me nuts. 

I like to draw. I like to draw fast, and let the sounds, lines, textures, feelings...influence me. Sometimes it looks like shit. Other times, I find myself staring at it for days, the sounds and moments reverberating...

I collected the words I wrote during the drawing, and starting listing them, not realizing they were a poem, which they totally are. 

Making sound and marks to think. 
Think dammit. 
Reverberate on me now and then. 
Keep looking
Keep looking 
Keep looking 
Keep looking 
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Drag your fingers through the ground
The performativity of performance documentation
Perform on me.
Lick the dust from your eye
Squares as a sort of comfort, i guess. 
Reverberation in the ground? 
Might as well throw beauty out the window. 
Not much lasts. 
Battles lost and won 
Drag the pencil to the beat of the music. 

Layer and Take away
Just looking for somewhere to be 
How is it one side is always neglected?
Shit, is this really what my thoughts look like? 
There's nothing conceptual about the ramblings of a madman, is there? 
Why swirls? 
They make a good sound. 
Do marks correlate with sound? 
I hope this reverberates
Erasure as a means to let the reverberations shine through. 

The point when you aren't sure what to say anymore
I swear someone goes around art stores with a hammer and
Bashes all the pencil cases just to be an asshole

Reverberation through loss of information
Movement, sound, lines and moments. 
Circles sound great
In my head
Out of reach
No end in sight. 
Reverberating through the mist. 

Reverberate on and on 
And on

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012


This project was for a Print Workshop class I took this semester. It was an attempt to purge myself of what is definitely my comfort zone, abstract action painting. I painted layer after layer and built up texture and color that I really enjoyed. I ripped the canvas off the stretcher, cut it into roughly 3"x3" squares, and disseminated them. 

Did I completely purge myself of my comfort zone? 


I did however, find a love for time lapse video, and definitely want to explore that more, so that's something. 

A Start of Something.

Going to try and and move away from Facebook, and I feel this is a more appropriate medium...

I guess for the first post, i'll post a video I made yesterday of my dog Beebo.